Philadelphia GraffitiThere is surprising beauty in a very unexpected place in Philadelphia.  Near Richmond Street is an old decaying pier that once was used to deliver coal by train to waiting barges in the Delaware River.  What is left today are graffiti-covered walls on the cement arches that once held the railroad.  The arches provide a catacomb-like atmosphere, and street artists provide the ever-changing fascinating artwork. 

We joined the Chester County Camera Club on a recent outing to the site.  To add to the intrigue of the place, about twenty young men in army fatigues carrying what looked like machine guns showed up and held a paintball battle, yet again changing the colorful walls by adding new splatters of paint.

Reykjavic Iceland Graffiti


We came across another unique graffiti treasure when we travelled to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.  In a small courtyard artists covered the walls with dramatic, fun and colorful images.


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