This time we walked right up to a glacier.  Exit Glacier in Seward has trails that go right up to the base of the glacier. We passed signs on the path showing where the glacier was fifty years ago and it had receded significantly.  We continued to be struck by the blue color of the glacier – it was almost neon blue in places and quite beautiful.

The Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward is a fascinating experience.  Lots of water wildlife to enjoy, and Alex liked touching the sea stars in the tank.  There were all different kinds; some were soft and some had hard exoskeletons.  The water was extremely cold!  A huge aquarium includes many seals  and sea lions.  A huge sea lion kept swimming right up to us as if to scare us – it worked!  (short video) We enjoyed a casual dinner at a restaurant called “Cheap Beer and lousy Food” – and the food was delicious!

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