Kayaking Kachemak Bay

We took a full day guided kayaking trip around beautiful Kachemak Bay.  First we picked up sandwiches to-go at the Spit Sisters Cafe on the Homer Spit, then boarded a water taxi that took us to the dock where we were fitted with spray skirts and assigned double kayaks. Our tour guide Amy led us on a route diverse and abundant with spectacular scenery.  We paddled our way through two bays and in narrow channels up close to bold sea cliffs.

Alex with her Starfish at Kachemak Bay, AlaskaWe asked if there was a place to find live starfish, as Alex really wanted to experience holding one.  Our guide took us to some seaweed covered rocks and said there may not be any as it was nearing high tide, and they are easier to find at low tide.  But we soon spotted some, and navigated the kayaks close enough so Alex could gently pull one off the rocks.  We then spotted many starfish of different sizes and colors.

Amy suggested that we kayak to a remote beach for an outdoor restroom stop.  As we kayaked closer to the shore, she said “hold up – we will not be stopping here” and we soon saw why.  A black bear was walking through the woods towards the beach, soon to be followed by two cubs.  Amy was excited as apparently black bear sightings are rare.

Betsy and Kenny watching Sea Otter in Kachemak Bay, AlaskaWe saw many eagles, stopped for a picnic on another beach, and went for a short hike in the woods.  We climbed up a trail to a beautiful wooded spot that overlooked the bay below.  We kayaked by some harbor seals sunning themselves on a dock, and watched a sea otter who attached himself to a buoy so he wouldn’t float away.  We kayaked back through a natural tunnel before heading back to our water taxi to take us back to Homer.

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