National Constitution Center

A visit to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia begins with “Freedom Rising”, a moving multi-media presentation that tells the story of the Constitution from its inception to today.  The “We the People” gallery consists of more than 100 multi-media exhibits that portray our country’s history and is quite inspiring.   It can easily take a few hours to thoroughly experience and enjoy the exhibits.  And visitors can mingle with full-size bronze statues of the 39 delegates that signed the Constitution.  These statues are beautiful and it is interesting to see how the hands have been polished to a bright brass shine from all the people touching them.  And it seems that people like to touch Alexander Hamilton’s nose, as it has quite a shine! 

James Wilson with James Wilson

James Wilson and James Wilson

Jim had fun posing with his namesake, James Wilson from Pennsylvania who not only was one of the signers of the Constitution, he was also a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The National Constitution Center is located at 525 Arch Street in Philadelphia, and is open seven days a week.


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