Gifford Pinchot State Park

Sunset at Gifford Pinchot SP

Sunset at Gifford Pinchot SP

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with our canoe buddies from the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association at Gifford Pinchot State Park in October.  Quite a few wooden canoe enthusiasts asssemble the first weekend in October for informal workshops on canoe building and restoration, and for some paddling on the lake with friends.  This year the weather was beautiful, and we all had a turn in an authentic dugout canoe.  It leaked a lot and we had to constantly bail, but it was fun!

Gifford Pinchot State Park is a 2,338-acre full service park, is in northern York County along PA 177 between the towns of Rossville and Lewisberry.

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2 Responses to Gifford Pinchot State Park

  1. Susan says:

    What can I say, Oh my..WOW!! Stunning shots of one gorgeous place I’d love to visit.

  2. Lori_Z says:

    Gorgeous place and photos.

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