Day Trips

We have found so many interesting and beautiful places within a few hours drive of our home in  Chester County, Pennsylvania.  All these outings are within a three-hour drive from Philadelphia area, and some are right in our own neighborhood. 

Many outdoor treasures have been discovered as we pursue our Geocaching hobby.  Geocaching is a kind of treasure hunt played all over the country and the world as people hide caches, (usually a weatherproof box containing small trinkets) for others to find.  If you find something you like, you can take it as long as you add a new trinket to the box to replace it.  Most times, we take nothing – we just enjoy the journey and the satisfaction of the find. Not only does this get us out for some nice hikes all times of year, we have discovered many natural treasures that we never knew existed. All one needs is a handheld GPS (many cell phones have this feature) and to find the coordinates at the Geocaching website.


One Response to Day Trips

  1. Cindy Morehead says:

    definately enjoyed your blog!

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