Places of Interest

We could easily spend a whole week just enjoying the hiking and biking in Acadia, but there are some interesting spots to visit by car that we’d like to share.  When time allows, we enjoy taking Route 1 up the coast of Maine on our way to Acadia.

Country Store in Maine

Country Store in Maine

Jim took this picture of an old country store on Route 1 just north of Kennebunkport. (And I am proud to report that this photo won first place at the Chester County Camera Club competition!)



Pemaquid Point Lighthouse       

Continue up Route 1 and take a side trip to the historic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Perched atop dramatic veined granite, this picturesque lighthouse continues to send a beacon of light every six seconds to warn ships of the rocky coastline.  This is the lighthouse featured on the 2003 Maine quarter.  A quaint Fisherman’s Museum features artifacts and displays depicting life at the sea is located next to the lighthouse.

Pemaquid Point in Maine

Pemaquid Point in Maine

Jordan Pond
On Jordan Pond, Acadia

Betsy and Jim on Jordan Pond, Acadia

An Acadia tradition is to enjoy tea and popovers at Jordan Pond House. Dining can be either  indoors or outside on the lawn overlooking the pond with views of Penobscot mountains and the Bubbles.  A serene hike starts out at the bottom of the hill at Jordan Pond House.  Much of the hike is on boardwalks that follow the coast of the pristine pond.


One Response to Places of Interest

  1. Barbara says:

    I want to go here!!! This place is so peaceful and beautiful! LOVE all your pics!

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