Alaskan Grizzlies

Grizzly Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! An up-close and personal visit with Alaskan Brown Bears at Lake Clark National Park was a highlight of the Wilson family trip to Alaska a few years ago. Full of adventure, we took a white-knuckle plane ride over Cook Inlet and landed on a desolate beach – desolate of all but huge grizzly bears. We spent the day riding in an open cart attached to an ATV, and walking in tall grasses among dozens of bears.  We were almost forced to spend the night there when the fog rolled in, jeopardizing the plane from coming back for us. Betsy's footprint and Grizzly print

We loved this adventure – the excitement and our apprehension of the bears, and the stunning beauty of such a remote part of our country.   We are happy to share more of our grizzly bear experience and photos here. 

 And please check out some of other Alaska photos. Enjoy!

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